It presents an itinerary with permanent and / or ephemeral artistic interventions, along a specific route.

The central axis of the project is the creation of works of art by artists and / or architects in chosen places, collecting the experiences of Land Art, public art and other heterogeneous behaviors that have used nature as a pretext for artistic creation. Proposal for a cultural itinerary that allows discovering the unique environments of the Anella Verda through art.


One of the best ways to get to know the Anella Verda of Manresa is through its itineraries.

They are tours designed to get to know their representative spaces, enjoying their heritage, natural and cultural values. (Extracted from the web)


Anella Verda Land Art Itinerary




The El Forn de la Calç Contemporary Art Center (CACIS), for more than 8 years, has organized the “Efímera” Festival, a daytime walk with various ephemeral and environmentally friendly artistic installations, in the municipality of Calders. During all this time, we have opted for this artistic expression close to Land Art, where the invited artists have worked with materials from a specific place or nearby, making interventions that natural processes and the passage of time will end up erasing. The ephemeral nature of these works invites the viewer to reflect on the relationship between human beings and nature, and change their gaze on the landscape.


In 2020, he wanted to go one step further, and highlight the environmental value of the natural landscapes of the Anella Verda of Manresa, incorporating more permanent proposals, seeking a view of the shared landscape, where permanent works help reflection and the admiration of the chosen places. Under the name “Microscopies”, CACiS presents a cultural itinerary that allows discovering the unique environments of the urban perimeter of the city through art.


Year after year, edition after edition, an alternative, cultural and artistic journey will be built, connecting the works selected in successive editions. The public will be able to enjoy different itineraries over the years, which on the one hand are ephemeral and temporarily changing routes, but at the same time, they will be able to enjoy permanent cultural and artistic paths, which will grow with each edition. This double idea will allow us, not only to make known parts of the Anella Verda, but also to know the peri-urban or transitional space, creating a new cultural perimeter around the city.

Parc del secà



The first place I have chosen to start “Microscopies” is located in the Parc del Secà, with three well-marked routes to be easily passable, which are: the path of the olive trees, the path of the thyme and the path of the almond trees. Each one has, approximately, one kilometer of linear route and they are interconnected so that, when returning to the starting point, it can be done by a different route. The access point will be in an area that is being enabled as a car park, on Pau Miralda street, in the Bufalvent industrial park.


During the tours, you can see the surrounding landscape from an elevated position, have views of the facilities of the Bufalvent Environmental Park, and walk among rainfed crops (such as vine, olive or almond trees), vineyard huts, stone channels to collect the waters, water tubs, or see geological remains. A place with a privileged geographical location, with magnificent views, with Montserrat in the background.


The Exhibition was held on the afternoons of Friday, August 28 and 29, 2020, with the presentation of the Vertex sculpture by the artist Tom Carr and six ephemeral works.

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  • Anella Verda
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