Every year the CACiS residency welcomes a selection of projects in visual arts, live arts, performance, philosophy, landscape intervention and investigation of new languages related to sustainability and protection of the environment (not exclusively artistic).


The CACiS residency offers the necessary conditions for research and study in natural surroundings so that the artist has the right space, concentration and resources. The particularity of CACiS is that works can be developed that are impossible in other places. The philosophy of the Centre and it’s critical character mean that the projects and their authors have a very specific profile.


International Open Call


CACiS publishes an international open call every year aimed at creators who want to have a residency for the development of an investigative work during the following year. The call for the residency grant is published each year in November and the choice made in January.

This programme enables creators from anywhere in the world to develop their project during a residency in CACiS, with all the necessary materials and conditions.

The residencies include lodging for the artists (max. 4) and a workspace for a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 45 days. It does not include travel or food but help with looking for sponsors is provided. The Centre helps the artists to make the needed contacts with the local population as well as the providers of materials and services related to their research.

Residencies on Demand


Residencies are also available outside the call but in this case lodging and workspace are to be paid.

These applications are not required to present a project but are also subject to a process of selection taking into account the trajectory of the artist or collective.



The Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat (CACiS) El Forn de la Calç open residency fellowships 2020.

ADDRESS AND DELIVERY TIME OF APPLICATIONS: info@cacis.cat | Deadline: February 20, 2020

Call 2020

This year, the call for residency aims to build innovative and critical projects adding a new perspective on climate crisis in a rural environment and the use of soil, focused on Bages county (central Catalonia).


convocatoria abierta CACiS 2020

Open Call CACiS 2020

Convocatòria oberta CACIS 2020


Selected artists and scientists will stay at CACiS for the duration of the project. The resulting work will be presented in 2020 both at CACiS and the village chosen for the study.


Eligible projects need to comply with the following framework:

  • Art and natural landscape. Bioclimatic architecture. Ecology and sustainability.
  • Promoting observation and analysis of the environment for its conservation and improvement.
  • Creations focusing on the causes of climate change. Carbon footprint, ecological footprint.
  • Resilience and recuperation of the balance of nature.


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