Currently the format of the exhibition is very effective in the field of creation and production, affording a good amount of visibility. However, it becomes less effective in terms of transmission when confronted with a public unprepared for such a critical experience.


Centre d’Art Contemporani I Sostenibilitat El Forn de la Calç (The Forn de la Calç Centre for Contemporary Art and Sustainability, CACiS) is starting a new program for Artistic and Cultural Exhibition Projects, and is now open for submissions.
Calls for different types of cultural projects will go out starting in 2020, covering activity proposals to be developed in CACiS facilities (indoors and/or outdoors).

The current call is now open for project proposals, adhering to the following eligibility rules: convocatoria expositiva cacis cat 2020


The criteria for exhibitions


Motivated by the desire to develop spaces for exchange and experimentation CACiS presents a programme of temporary exhibitions, connected to the philosophy and objectives of the Centre.

Each selected creator presents a proposal for an exhibition connected to their individual or collective work and related to the environment.


Artists who are committed to the environment and who pursue new visions and models for living.

Exhibition space


A building beside the kilns which was where the sacks of lime were kept as well as water reserves.

It has two floors:


  • The lower, or big room, measures 40 m² and is used for temporary exhibitions.
  • The upper, or small room, measures 10m2 and houses a permanent exhibition about the kilns.

CACiS believes that new directions need to be taken where different positions meet and models that change the rhythms of bidirectional learning are encouraged, where the linear model of the art space as emitter and the public as receiver is substituted by a horizontal structural where the different roles are continuously fusing.