The Ephemera order of insects is the oldest on the planet. In their youth they are aquatic. The adults are fragile and delicate with gauzy wings that cannot be folded onto the abdomen – they are always held in the vertical position – and two or three “tails” (rings) at the tip of the abdomen. Their adult life is very short (hours or days) which gives rise to their name (from the Greek ephemeros = that which lives a day).


Ephemeral Art Show



In 2009, under the title “Art and Nature Meetings”, CACiS began a cycle of gatherings of different cultural and scientific actors to search for new visions, resources and activities where the planet Earth and its unequal and critical situation be the principal focus of study.


Since 2011 CACiS has organised the Art

and Nature Meeting in Roureda de les Tàpies, the ephemeral art show of Central Catalunya.


This programme was the embryo of the current ephemeral art show Efímera, celebrated yearly at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct. This ongoing project invites artists to make an ephemeral art object in a rural area, individually or collectively.



These short term actions seek to communicate the importance of time and show that there are many random and ephemeral artistic expressions in nature that cannot be exhibited in a museum, interventions by artists from various disciplines “seeking to value the ephemeral over the permanent”.


To participate in these art and nature meetings

an open call is published in June/July in response to which all who want to participate can send their information to the organisers who will supply the bases for participation.


From 2017 these meetings have a new format and location.


During one day we share a space for reflection and relationship with nature where art is the common language of expression.



CACiS has decided not to publish an open call this year and has suspended the ephemeral art show due to the lack of institutional funding. In the last few years we have organised the event almost without resources and this year we have decided not to continue with this logic.