Pearlman, Mia

Residència 2017
Residència 2017
Albert Marquès, Mia Pearlman

The creative-collaborative-connection: one day Albert and I met midday and discussed what we were working on. With no previous discussion, that morning we each had gone to our respective work spaces (his an oven once used to make lime, mine an art studio) and worked on ideas having to do with, of all things, MATH. A subject we compete in for the title of “worst skills possible.”

Albert was doing rhythm exercises to a crazy Flamenco groove called the Bulería which always adds up to 12 beats. I was working on making a 2D Japanese pattern called kirikane into a 3D object. Over lunch I asked him if there was a way to geometrically map the Bulería groove. And BOOM, I realized that the kirikane, a shape composed of triangles, is a perfect visual representation.

PS: he had been practicing looking at this geodesic dome which of course is also made of triangles…