the troubled waters Teresa Gòmez Martorell

the troubled waters Teresa Gòmez Martorell

This Project is about is about the need to record and document the nature around us, a way to associate memories, avoid oblivion when circumstances change; to make difference between a memory and a scientific illustration because we need to collect all those memories we recover. Mentioning our personal deep areas that take us to the surface, like troubled waters.

Seaweed is a kind of unknown subject; they are in unreachable areas. This geological area was flooded a long time ago. I feel I am recovering from a past of troubled waters that took place in this land and it raised me towards the surface. Sometimes we swim on these waters, sometimes we can drown there.


James Joyce contacted Carl Jung trying to help his daughter. She had mental issues, something that Joyce did not accept at all. After their appointment, Joyce asked “have you noticed that my daughter seems to be submerged in the same waters as me?” At that time, Joyce wrote Fineggans Wake, a kind of oneiric and somehow psychotic.   To which Jung answered: Yes, but where you swim, she drowns

To swim to be safe. And under this saturated sea, we find a quiet silence under the surface.

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